Early (Christmas) Sparkle

Yep, couldn’t wait any longer. Earlier in the month, the boy said he would be okay with the Christmas decorations going up on the last weekend of the month – and I didn’t forget. It’s a first, traditionally we’ve always waited until at least December, but this year needs all the joy it can get.

The Christmas music started to be played earlier in the week, too. I have a feeling this year’s festive season is going to be full of little joys, sprinkled all over the place. It’ll be different, sure, but if I can help it, everything will be turned up to the max.

So, whilst tonight’s post is short, I’m sure there’ll be more Christmas themed posts to come.

Throughout this month I – along with many others – am taking part in NanoPoblano, the Internet’s least-official November blog challenge. Click here to see the full list of Cheer Peppers.

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