10 Good Things #2

After writing my list of 10 Good Things last week, I realised I may want to make it a regular thing on this little corner of the internet – you are more than welcome to join in, if you like? Recording the joys we notice in our lives has the effect of a rolling ball of snow, it only ever gets bigger and bigger. All the joy. Here goes…

  1. The £2.50 bunch of flowers from the local supermarket. They make me smile. The flowers in the photograph in the header of this post were from my birthday this summer, they were stunning.
  2. A candle burning in my ’tile’ candle holder, a gift from my Mum when we were in Lisbon last year. The flickering warmth of candles is one of my favourite things about autumn and winter.
  3. Walks with my sister, we went on one this afternoon and the chill in the air felt like it was returning – winter walks are another of my favourite things.
  4. Sitting on a park bench and talking, another thing we did today.
  5. Making people laugh, it is always going to fill me with glee. Today’s successes are my Mum, sister and the boy.
  6. Introducing the boy to The Crown on Netflix. He is a latecomer, and I have already informed him that I will be watching the 4th series when it comes out this week – I have been looking forward to it too much to hold off. Still happy to watch the whole thing again with him anyway. The 4th series will have Thatcher and Diana, it is sure to be a good one. (Have you watched The Crown?)
  7. Thick socks. Another autumn and winter joy.
  8. Emilia being available to watch worldwide online until 24th November. It is one of the all time best shows I have ever seen, I really cannot recommend it enough. It is offered on a pay-what-you-can basis, so I urge you to watch this beauty of a theatre production. I am giddy with excitement to watch it again. You can register/book here – do let me know if you watch, and hopefully you will fall in love.
  9. Dancing in the kitchen. Then finding a print from an indie business that professes this, and promptly adding it to my christmas wish-list.
  10. Going all mushy over all the dogs I pass during walks. I am the crazy person you pass in the street, cooing over your dog – and not in the least bit sorry. There are so, so many puppies in my area at the moment, too! Still a cat person, but dogs have found their way into a spot in my heart.

Do let me know of any of the joys in your life right now, add to the rolling snow ball.

Throughout this month I – along with many others – am taking part in NanoPoblano, the Internet’s least-official November blog challenge. Click here to see the full list of Cheer Peppers.

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