The One with the Allotment

In the summer, my brother-in-law made me cry. Thankfully, they were happy tears. During the first lockdown, both the boy and I had found it hard not having a garden. Whilst we made the most of local walks – and discovered some new green spaces – I had a deep longing to have somewhere to grow flowers for the bees and butterflies, somewhere outside that was our own little patch of soil.

When lockdown lifted, we started spending time with our families again, and on one particular evening in my family’s garden, we were told of a big surprise. Dan, my brother-in-law, had applied for an allotment for him, my sister, the boy and I. The happy tears would not stop. The gratitude ran deep and it overflowed in that moment.

We officially became allomenteers in September, and have spent the past couple of months slowly preparing our plot. Noticing and appreciating joys wherever I can find them seems to be my thing at the moment, and spending time at the allotment is a huge joy. I have been taking along my camera sometimes, to capture this journey into the world of growing our own fruit and vegetables.

Photographs from an October afternoon spent weeding, digging, and preparing the raised beds.

It was good to be there today, outside in the fresh air and sunshine. It was even better to get home to check the news and see the projected winner of the 2020 US election. This week had my mind fixated on the happenings across the pond, and my body held so much tension all week. There is still a lot to fight for, but there are glimmers of hope now. There is the first female Vice President, who is also Black and Indian. It is a historic election, and my heart is with everyone across the pond. Celebrate, and then we keep on, there is work to do.

Throughout this month I – along with many others – am taking part in NanoPoblano, the Internet’s least-official November blog challenge. Click here to see the full list of Cheer Peppers.

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